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How quality custom wrought iron lighting is fabricated

Creating a wrought iron chandelier, iron sconce, or other lighting fixture requires careful planning and execution...

First, any new design concept or idea must be drawn to scale. At this point in the design process, we pay special attention to the materials that will be used in the fabrication of said lighting fixture. Some of the things that we are mindful of during this time include: the gauges and sizes of stock material, how the lighting fixture will affix to the wall or ceiling, and scaling proportions whenever a custom wrought iron lighting fixture is created. If necessary, at this point of we also create wiring diagrams. This is especially important when fabricating wrought iron chandeliers. Some iron chandeliers require the use of internal junction boxes while others are wired as a series with each lighting socket acting as a place of electrical junction.

Next...fabrication. Materials are cut, shaped, and prepared for assembly. Some iron chandeliers, iron sconces, and other custom lighting fixtures require the use of industrial machines for shaping and forming, while others require the use of more traditional methods by skilled craftsmen. Our team of skilled craftsmen include numerous welders, machinists, and blacksmiths. Our team even includes a third generation blacksmith that handles most of our most challenging forge work. Many of our handmade sconces and chandeliers require scrollwork that is shaped by heating the stock material in a forge and then bending the wrought iron until it takes the desired shape. This process is time consuming and requires time earned skills. Our iron chandeliers and wall sconces sometimes require a hand-hammered look. This too is achieved by the use of a forge and specialty hammers to achieve desired effects.

Once wrought iron lighting fixtures are fabricated we begin the last process of paint and wiring. Unique Iron Lighting can replicate nearly any paint finish and we are currently in the process of introducing new patina finishes. All of our wrought iron lighting fixtures are wired carefully to the most stringent industry standards. It is important that all wrought iron lighting fixtures be wired with the proper components to ensure safety and longevity. The use of inferior lighting sockets can easily result in electrical shorts and faults. Certain wrought iron chandeliers that include numerous lights and higher wattage must also be carefully wired in order to avoid overheating and possible fire hazards.

Those interested in purchasing custom lighting fixtures should choose a fabricator that is well acquainted with every step in the creation process as well as with all regulatory specifications. This will ensure that the finished product is beautiful, long-lasting, and most importantly safe.

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