Our Guarantee

We understand that your lighting purchase is a significant investment, and we want to make sure thOur Guaranteeat you are completely satisfied. Whether your order is a custom design or a catalog purchase, we will provide superior craftsmanship, or you may return the order for a full refund. Depending on the nature of your order, samples may be produced to ensure quality and design.

Is it rustic or just poorly made?

Many of our lighting fixtures incorporate designs that require applications with rustic feel. There is however a difference between rustic design and inferior craftsmanship. Hammering, distressing and "old world" assembly are just some of the techniques utilized in order to achieve a rustic appearance.
Unfortunately, quality standards are not equal among all fabricators. Over the years we have seen plenty of examples where inferior fixtures are sold as "rustic" or "hand-made"; poor welding and assembly is easily noticeable and undeniable. Our satisfaction guarantee provides our clients with peace of mind that although they may be purchasing a "rustic" fixture, quality is assured. Our clients can expect clean welds, proper assembly and the use of high quality raw materials, paint and electrical wiring. As always, we welcome all comments and questions regarding our products.